From the classic novel by Kate Chopin comes this lush, new musical about a woman's desire for independence and a soul's desire for freedom.  
  Set in 1890's New Orleans, "The Awakening" follows the story of twenty-eight year old Edna Pontellier who, while vacationing on a summer island, is 'awakened' spiritually to the desire to chart her own path of emotional and sexual identity at any cost.  

Her story transcends time and setting as we ask ourselves, do we have the courage to overcome our obstacles and forge our own place in this world?

  The sung-through score provokes comparisons to a mixture of 'Light in the Piazza', 'Secret Garden' and 'Ragtime', capturing the style of the period with a contemporary accessibility.  
Act I
Scene 1 - Grand Isle
Scene 3 - A Caged Bird
Scene 5a - Meadow of Grass
Scene 6a - Dining at M.Lebrun
Scene 7b - Sail On
Scene 10 - Summer's Gone
Act II
Scene 7 - Separate Places

Scene 10 - My Most Favorite

Scene 13 - Finale (I Want to Fly)

("The Awakening" is a sung-through musical. The above selections are excerpts from the first concert workshop)

All Material Copyrighted - Robert Intile