Edna Pontellier  

Leading role. Female, early 20’s. A woman whose artistic spirit has ‘awakened’, as she finds herself torn between her internal struggle for freedom and her external reality of marriage and life in the 1890’s. (mezzo-soprano)

  Leonce Pontellier  

Edna’s Husband. Male, 30’s-40’s. An imposing figure who represents many of society’s establishments from which Edna is trying to escape. A nice enough man, but incapable of true connections in love. (baritone)

  Adele Ratignolle  

Edna’s best friend. Female. 20’s-30‘s. A beautiful, young matronly figure who achieves her life’s fulfillment by playing the role of a mother and wife. A solid person, a good friend, but frowns upon Edna’s artistic pursuits. (alto)

  Madame Lebrun  

Supporting Role. Female, 40’s. Comic Relief. A portly, Victorian-style robust woman. Head mistress of the vacation island on which the first act takes place. (soprano)

  Robert Lebrun  

Madame Lebrun’s son. Male, 20’s, attractive and flirtatious. The playboy of the summer island. He has enjoyed choosing a different married woman each summer to which he could play summer attendant. This summer, however, he sparks in Edna a sexual desire and finds himself torn between his attraction to a married woman and social mores. (tenor)

  Mademoiselle Reisz  

A vacationer of the summer isle. Female. 40’s-50’s. A mysterious and spiritual woman. She sees in Edna an inner struggle which she, herself, as an artist and a woman who never married, managed to overcome. She guides Edna through her journey of self-discovery. (alto/mezzo)

  Doctor Farival  

A vacationer of the summer isle. Male. 40’s-50’s. An older gentlemen. Leonce’s friend and a general practitioner. He tries to help Leonce make sense of his wife’s behavior. (tenor)

  Alcee Arobin  

Edna’s love interest in the second act. Male. 30’s-40’s. A slimy, philandering fellow who, rather than help Edna see the beautiful side of love-at-any-cost, actually epitomizes the seedy side of an illicit love affair. (tenor)

  3 Men (bass, baritone, tenor) / 4 Women (alto, soprano)  
Act I
Scene 1 - Grand Isle
Scene 3 - A Caged Bird
Scene 5a - Meadow of Grass
Scene 6a - Dining at M.Lebrun
Scene 7b - Sail On
Scene 10 - Summer's Gone
Act II
Scene 7 - Separate Places

Scene 10 - My Most Favorite

Scene 13 - Finale (I Want to Fly)

("The Awakening" is a sung-through musical. The above selections are excerpts from the first concert workshop, June 2006)

All Material Copyrighted - Robert Intile 2005/2006

"The Awakening: A Musical Adaptation" is a copywritten work. All rights reserved Lunar Light Productions, LLP 2006